Macbeth (Programme 2011)

Romeo & Julia Kören, Stockholm

Photo: Jan-Olav Wedin/Urban Wedin
Photo: Jan-Olav Wedin/Urban Wedin
Photo: Jan-Olav Wedin/Urban Wedin


  • Monday, July 11, 2011, 20:00h


Romeo & Julia Kören, Stockholm
(Romeo and Juliette Choir)

Monday, July 11th, 8pm

Direction: Benoît Malmbergg

Music: Josquin Desprez und Clémant Janequin

Rehearsal director: Stefan Boström

Costumes: Barbro Hellsing/die Dramaten

Production: Anja Nordahl, Urban Wedin

With: Urban Wedin, Johanna Tibblin, Malin Sternbrink, Frida Grundel, Magnus Ringström,
Britta Ingmarsdotter, Jenny Rosén Wedin, Mia Ternström, Magnus Ringström, Stefan Boström,
Alfred Granberg, Mathias Nordström, Martin Ahlvin, Stefan Boström, Pierre Nordahl

Length: 1 hour and 10 minutes without an interval

Price category: B

Introduction 45 minutes before the performance

The Romeo and Julia Choir from Stockholm is one of Sweden's best choirs. World-wide acclaim
and admiration came after their performance during the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden in
2010. And now they are performing here at the Globe!
Fragments from Shakespeare's Macbeth, sacral and profane choir compositions from Josquin
Desprez (1450 –1521) and the onomatopaetic transposition of the slaughter at Marignan in
Clément Janequins (1485 –1558) composition „La Guerre“ make up the starting material for a gripping choral implementation of the Macbeth drama. The wonderful music from the early renaissance is sung and choreographed sensationally.

„The Scottish Play“ as a musical from the heyday of polyphonic vocal music.

Premiere in Germany

Texts available in German