Around the stage in 80 minutes (Programme 2012)

Lecture Prof. Jerzy Limon

Around the stage in 80 minutes
Around the stage in 80 minutes
Around the stage in 80 minutes
Around the stage in 80 minutes
Around the stage in 80 minutes


  • Monday, June 25, 2012, 20:00h


Lenght: 80 minutes including interval
Price category: D

„Around the stage in 80 minutes“ is the title of a lecture that Professor Jerzy Limon will hold in the Globe. Limon is a theater expert, an author and co-founder of the European Shakespeare Festival Network, to which Neuss also belongs. As the head of the Theatrum Gedanese, a foundation in Gdansk, not only does he organise the yearly Festiwal Szekspirowski, but he is also building a highly innovative theatre that is currently being constructed in the middle of Danzig's historic city centre. Professor Limon will be speaking about this exemplary theatre, the stage of which will allow the most diverse plays to be performed, as well as the traditional and contemporary performance methods of Shakespeare's works. For those interested in theatre, teachers and Globe fans.

Jerzy Limon's lecture is divided into two interrelated parts. In Part One, a short scene from one of Shakespeare's comedies is discussed. This presents a Clown and a Dog, and the Clown stages a hillarious scene, in which each of them has a role: the Dog plays a spectator, the Clown plays the Dog and Himself, and various objects are also taking part, e.g. one shoe plays the Father, the other plays the Mother, the stick is the Sister and the Hat is the nanny. In this way, Shakespeare shows us that in theatre anything can become a sign of anything, and the similarity of the sign to its meaning is not necessary at all. This short scene may therefore stand for a wonderful illustration of the basic rules of the theatre, and may be used as an example of how theatre works in practice. It explains the magic of the medium.
In Part Two, Jerzy Limon shows how the simple Elizabethan stage is sufficient to stage even the most complicated scenes, such as the drowning of a ship, or a man's fall from a cliff. The discussion of the basic features of the Elizabethan stage is followed by a presentation of a new reconstruction, taking place in the city of Gdansk or Danzig on the Baltic. The new theatre is not a mere replica of the old theatre built in that city in the aearly 17th century, but an intrigueing attempt to combine the tradition with modern theatre technology, and with postmodern staging techniques.

Introduction 45 minutes before the performance

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