Les Trois Richard – Un Richard III (Programme 2012)

Compagnie des Petites Heures

Les Trois Richard – Un Richard III
Les Trois Richard – Un Richard III
Les Trois Richard – Un Richard III
Les Trois Richard – Un Richard III
Les Trois Richard – Un Richard III


  • Thursday, June 14, 2012, 20:00h


Adaption: Dan Jemmett und Mériam Korichi
Direction: Dan Jemmett
Creative collaboration: Mériam Korichi
Stage: Dick Bird, Licht: Arnaud Jung, Kostüme: Sylvie Martin-Hyszka
Production: Compagnie des Petites Heures, Le Comité des Fêtes
Co-production: Le Printemps des Comédiens – Montpellier/Théâtre de Caen/Théâtre de Grasse

With: Philippe Bérodot, Giovanno Calo, Valérie Crouzet und Jan Hammenecker

Lenght: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price category: A

Introduction 45 minutes before the performance

Dan Jemmett, in Globe Neuss most known for his fulminant productions for the Théâtre Vidy, founded his own company this year which will have its debut with a production early June in Montpellier, followed by the first German premiere in Neuss: „Les Trois Richard- Un Richard III.“ The piece based on – rather than by - Shakespeare and as expected from Dan Jemmett, is presented with lots of humor and slapstick.
The source of inspiration for the three Richards could be the renowned „Three Stooges“, who were similarly popular to Laurel and Hardy in the USA in the 40s.
You will have to prepare yourself for an extravagant event in Richard's royal slaughterhouse... it's not for purists or softies- but which Shakespeare fan wants to keep his calm anyway?

In french, german Synopsis available
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