Peeping at Pepys - A Musical Diary (Programme 2014)

Gustav Peter Wöhler und die Lautten Compagney

Peeping at Pepys - A Musical Diary
Foto: Ida Zenna
Peeping at Pepys - A Musical Diary
Foto: Ludwig Olah


  • Sunday, July 6, 2014, 20:00h


Directed by: Wolfgang Katschner
Starring: Gustav Peter Wöhler – narrator, Melanie Hirsch – soprano singer
Script & Stage Design: Christian Filips
Lute & Musical Director: Wolfgang Katschner
Starring: Martin Ripper – recorder, Catherine Aglibut – violin, Ulrike Paetz – viola,
Ulrike Becker – viola da gamba, Hans-Werner Apel – lute, Peter A. Bauer – percussion

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes without a break
Price category: A
Admittance: 45 minutes before the beginning of the performance

“The theatre of our time is appalling. Rarely is it so appalling, however, as when they perform this wretched Shakespeare.“ This quote was taken from the English naval administrator and bon viveur Samuel Pepys' (1633-1703) diaries, which were written in 1660-69 and handed down in their entirety- a rare and precious source about daily life in 17th century London.

The musical reading “Peeping at Pepys“ by the brilliant Lautten Compagney Berlin and the soprano singer Melanie Hirsch guarantees an entertaining evening at the theatre. The outstanding actor Gustav Peter Wöhler is at the heart of the production, lending his voice to Pepys' entertaining and informative accounts, which cover all aspects of life.

You already know Gustav Peter Wöhler- so don't miss out on Samuel Pepys!