Pericles, Fürst von Tyrus (Programme 2014)

bremer shakespeare company

Pericles, Fürst von Tyrus
Photo: Marianne Menke
Pericles, Fürst von Tyrus
Photo: Marianne Menke
Pericles, Fürst von Tyrus
Photo: Marianne Menke


  • Sunday, June 29, 2014, 20:00h
  • Monday, June 30, 2014, 20:00h
  • Tuesday, July 1, 2014, 20:00h


Directed by/ Version: Thomas Weber-Schallauer
Translation: Rainer Iwersen
Music: Heike Neugebauer
Stage design: Heike Neugebauer
Costumes/ Puppet design: Anna Siegrot
Lighting/ Technology/ Sound: Sylvia Kellendonk, Thomas Rechter, Bernd Wolf
Starring: Tim D. Lee, Erik Rossbander, Markus Seuss, Petra-Janina Schultz

Duration: 2 hours incl. a break
Price category: A
Admittance: 45 minutes before the beginning of each performance

Pericles, Prince of Tyrus, experiences his life as a traveler, man on the run, seeker, one of Peer Gynt's elder brothers, in the rarely-performed, and thus all the more welcome, Shakespearian romance.

Thomas Weber-Schallauer portrays Shakespeare's late work as an impressive sheet of traveling pictures using four actors and three puppets.

Graceful, serene, yet haunting and melancholy: the unbelievable story of Pericles' journey in life unfolds in front of our eyes, characterised by ordeals and blows of fate: betrayal, escape, storm, shipwreck, miraculous rescue, love and loss- and ultimately reconciliation. So lovely, yet eerie- that's Shakespeare for you.


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