Richard III. (Programme 2016)

Rheinisches Landestheater Neuss


  • Monday, May 30, 2016, 20:00h
  • Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 20:00h


Director: Bettina Jahnke

Staging and Costumes: Iris Kraft

Starring: Philipp Heitmann, Joachim Berger, Katharina Dalichau, Hergard Engert, Bernhard Glose, Michael Großschädl, Pablo Guaneme Pinilla, Ulrike Knobloch, Richard Lingscheidt, Rainer Scharenberg, Stefan Schleue, Andreas Spaniol, Alina Wolff

Duration: 2h 45 min incl. intermission

Prices: A

Language: german

Admission 45 minutes before the beginning of the performance

"And out you are!"- with this children's rhyme, the Rheinische Landestheater announces its performance of Richard III and thus refers to the playful brilliance with which Richard Gloucester eliminates all who stand in the way of his pursuit of the throne of England. No scandal is beyond him, no ruse too malicious or intrigue too challenging. But he is also an eloquent seducer who charmingly wins the hearts of those whose disgust he deserves. Political intrigue meets the art of erotic seduction. In Richard III the most improbable occurs and the spectator becomes the involuntary accomplice of this brilliant mind.