Othello (Programme 2018)

Das Rheinische Landestheater Neuss

Foto Björn Hickmann
Foto Björn Hickmann
Foto Björn Hickmann
Foto Björn Hickmann
Foto Björn Hickmann


  • Saturday, June 30, 2018, 20:00h
  • Sunday, July 1, 2018, 20:00h


Stage Direction: Mario Holetzeck
Stage Design: Juan León
Costumes: Alide Büld
Musician: Johannes Still
Dramaturgy: Reinar Ortmann

Andreas Spaniol, Othello
Joachim Berger, Doge
Juliane Pempelfort, Desdemona
Michael Meichßner, Jago
Philipp Alfons Heitmann, Cassio
Stefan Schleue, Roderigo

Duration: approx. 3 h incl. intermission

Prices: A

Admission 45 minutes before the beginning of the performance

The final two performances of Bettina Jahnke's era as artistic director of the Rheinische Landestheater will be performed at Globe Neuss: Othello, directed by Mario Holetzeck.

Despite his military merits, the general Othello is still regarded as an outsider in the Republic of Venice, due to his origins. His officer Jago has been building up blinding hatred toward the foreigner, who stole his promotion. When Othello secretly unites with Desdemona, daughter of an influential senator, Jago uses his first chance for revenge ...The Shakespeare Festival in Globe Neuss thanks Bettina Jahnke for the annual enrichment of the performances by the Rheinische Landestheater Neuss.


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