König Lear (Programme 2019)

bremer shakespeare company

König Lear
König Lear
König Lear
König Lear


  • Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 20:00h
  • Thursday, June 20, 2019, 16:00h


As the aging King Lear divides his kingdom amongst his three daughters to henceforth spend the rest of his life as their alternating guest without governmental responsibility, he puts them through a ‘love test’ - the initial spark for his decline into madness. In Bernd Freytag’s staging, Erik Roßbander magnificently depicts Lear who bets on the wrong horse and gradually descends into nothing. Taking place sometime in the late Middle Ages, written 400 years ago, as touching and up-to-date as if it were from today.

Translation: Rainer Iwersen

Stage Direction: Bernd Freytag

Music: Mark Polscher

Stage Design: Christine Gottschalk

Costumes: Heike Neugebauer

Assistant Director: Wanja Lange

Starring: Svea Meiken Auerbach, Tobias Durr, Tim Lee, Peter Luchinger, Theresa Rose, Erik Rosbander, Petra-Janina Schultz, Markus Seus

Duration: 2 h 20 min with intermission

Prices: A

Admission 45 minutes before the beginning of the performance