Twelfth Night (Was ihr wollt) (Programme 2019)

Bridge House Productions SE20 Limited, London

Twelfth Night (Was ihr wollt)
Bridge House Productions SE20 Limited /Twelfth Night, Image: Tony Scudder
Twelfth Night (Was ihr wollt)
Orsino - George Maguire
Twelfth Night (Was ihr wollt)
Olivia - Miriam Grace Edwards
Twelfth Night (Was ihr wollt)
Viola - Eve Niker
Twelfth Night (Was ihr wollt)
Feste/Fabio - Ben Woods
Twelfth Night (Was ihr wollt)
Sir Toby - Fayez Bakhsh



Saturday, 6 July 2019, 20:00

Guy Retallack is not a stranger at the Shakespeare Festival in Globe Neuss: In previous years, he staged successful Shakespeare productions for Wild Thyme Productions. He wants to produce his new production of "Twelfth Night" in May at the Bridge House in London. His first artistic ideas revolve around Illyria in Brexit country. The figures appear, despite all the comedic jokes, unhappy and melancholic at first, in fact, like in some kind of inner immigration they do not want but cannot change: "It is too hard a knot for me t' untie”, groans the boy who plays the shipwrecked Viola disguised as Cesario. In the end, she, her brother, Olivia and Orsino may end up luckier than expected, but Malvolio, Sir Toby and Andrew Aguecheek stay what they are: trapped in their desires and longings. Guy Retallack's interpretation of this most beautiful Shakespeare text may be awaited with bated breath.

Stage Direction: Guy Retallack

Starring: Ensemble Bridge House Productions SE20 Limited

Duration: approx. 2 h 20 min incl. intermission

Prices: A

Admission 45 minutes before the beginning of the performance

German premiere in English

Explanation available in German


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