Das Wintermärchen (canceled due to pandemic reasons) (Programme 2020)

Bremer Shakespeare Company

Das Wintermärchen
Das Wintermärchen, Keyvisual bremer shakespeare company



    Out of the blue, King Leontes of Sicily suffers from morbid jealousy. He suspects his heavily pregnant wife Hermione has been unfaithful and his best friend Polixenes has betrayed him. He rejects Hermione, threatens Polixenes and casts the newborn girl, who he does not recognize as his daughter, out to sea. Shakespeare's romance unfolds out of gloomy threats, fateful encounters and lucky coincidences and creates a fairytale picture in which all the characters' hidden relationships intertwine and dissolve peaceably in a theatrically magical ending.

    The staging by Patricia Benecke portrays Shakespeare's late work as a journey of the castaway girl Perdita into a past that she does not know and in which her family history is hidden.

    Translation: Chris Alexander

    Stage Direction: Patricia Benecke

    Props: Heike Neugebauer, Rike Schimitschek Music: Simon Slater Starring: Simon Elias, Tim D. Lee, Petra-Janina Schultz, Markus Seuß

    Price Category: A

    Admission 45 minutes before the beginning of the performance

    • limited number of tickets available