Much Ado about Nothing (Programme 2021)

Die Theaterachse, Salzburg

Much Ado about Nothing


  • Thursday, June 24, 2021, 20:00h –
  • Friday, June 25, 2021, 20:00h –


The theaterachse is traveling from Salzburg to Neuss once again, bringing along a new performance of the comedy “Much Ado About Nothing.” The theaterachse has already been to the Globe Neuss four times over the years with interpretations of Shakespeare’s works. Under Mathias Schuh’s direction, the turbulent story of Beatrice and Benedict is tenderly pepped up musically and brought to the outdoor stage at the Globe this year. A quarrelsome love, which is approaching in a battle of words, heads for a happy ending after overcoming an evil intrigue.

Direction / Composition: Mathias Schuh
Stage Design and Costume Design: Rafaela Wenzel
With: Karoline Schragen, Lydia Nassall, Daniel Pink, Luke Bischof, Bálint Walter

Piano: Sophia Schuh
Trumpet: Tamina Schuh
Guitar: Mathias Schuh

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes including intermission


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