The Tempest (Programme 2021)

Globe Berlin Theater

The Tempest


  • Saturday, June 19, 2021, 20:00h –
  • Sunday, June 20, 2021, 18:00h –


The Globe Ensemble Berlin presents Shakespeare’s late work with exciting topicality. The comedy about the visionary wizard Prospero and the rightful Duke of Milan, who has been exiled to an island however, addresses change as a result of globalisation, the clash between civilisation and nature, oppression and just rule. As if by a force of nature, everything starts over, space is made for visions and disillusions alike. With the help of a tempest, Prospero forces his enemies around King Alonso to come to the island and a battle for the claim to sovereignty and retribution breaks out. When his daughter Miranda falls in love with Alonso’s son, a utopia seems possible. But how can there be peace when revenge stands in the way of remorse?

Translation: Christian Leonard
Direction: Jens Schmidl
Dramaturgy: Josephine Tietze
Production: Christian Leonard
Music: Bernd Medek
Stage Design: Thomas Lorenz-Herting
With: Anselm Lipgens, Nadja Schimonsky, Saskia von Winterfeldt, Benjamin Krüger, Wiebke Acton, Peter Beck, Uwe Neumann